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The Mimosa evolution continues with this new autoflowering orange flavoured super compact sensation, MIMOSA X ORANGE PUNCH AUTO
Initially created by a delicate back crossing of our famous Orange Punch with the 2020 phenomenon Mimosa Evo, the lab has evolved again introducing our BF Super Auto #1.

Just like the feminised version deep gradients of purple and contrasting dark olive greens create a striking and beautiful plant, while the beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene terpenes create a sensational citrus-like, tangerine-candy sweet aroma.

MIMOSA X ORANGE PUNCH AUTO is a compact and very sturdy plant producing multiple large dense highly resinous and heavy buds, covered in bright orange pistols just dripping in trichomes. Expect a rapid flowering period of just 65 to 75 days harvesting indoors up to 500 g/m2. THC has been tested at an incredible 21-23%
Outdoors in ideal conditions MIMOSA X ORANGE PUNCH AUTO reaches heights of 1.2m producing more than 700g/m2 of huge very compact colas.

At harvest time the enjoyment of this strain really goes up a notch, dense heavy buds are extremely easy to manicure and with the onset of the ever-increasing delicious citrusy candy orange aromas really fill the air.

Type: Feminised
Photoperiod: Autoflowering
Genetics: Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch x BF Super Auto #1
Effect: Creativity, Stimulating, Happiness
Outdoor Yield (g): up to 700 g/m2
Indoor Yield (g):up to 500 g/m2 gr/m²
Autoflowering Harvest Time From Seed (days): 65 – 70
Height (cm): 100cm
Height Indoor (cm): 70-80cm
Height Outdoor (cm): 110cm
Height: ShortIndica %: 60%
Sativa %: 40%
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
Taste: Citrusy Candy Orange
Aroma: Sweet with hints of Mandarin
Climate: Cool, Hot & Temperate

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