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Blue Cheese is a strain of cannabis created by Big Buddha Seeds. It is a stabilized F1 hybrid that is mostly indica. The strain was created by crossing the original U.K. Cheese (mother) with a specially selected Blueberry (father). The buds of Blue Cheese are often fruity, sweet, and sometimes sour or spicy with hints of the famous “cheese” smell.
Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese has won several awards including the 19th High Times Cannabis Cup – Sativa Seed Bank Cup 2006. The strain offers highly euphoric head effects and hard-hitting body stone effect combined with an extremely flavorful and pleasant smoke, making it a great candidate for the connoisseur grower. The flowering cycle takes 8-11 weeks indoors and the harvest comes in October-November outdoors.
Blue Cheese is available as feminized seeds from Big Buddha Seeds. It is an indica/sativa variety that can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Big Buddhas Blue Cheese is a THC dominant variety that has been described as having a sweet, fruity, tarty, berry scent with that recognized musky undertone of the original Big Buddha Cheese. Its taste has been described as potent, tarty blueberry fresh taste.

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