Blue Forest Berry Feminized

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Blue Forest Berry Feminized

The blue forest berry is a new strain from our breeding team. Sweet and fruity with a little haze flavor makes this one great for lovers of sweet weed. At the end of the blooming period it gets a little blue glow, if you keep the nights colder it will turn blue to purple. With warmer nights it will only get a little blue glow. Very mold resistant strain and good for high temperatures, this lady can handle her self. Easy to grow, it doesn’t need a lot of attention

 With a height of 90–150cm, she is still compact enough, that you should be able to find a nice spot for her, even when your space is somewhat limited.

Blue Forest Berry is also very mould-resistant, which makes her a good strain, that you can plant in cold and wet climates, yet she can also handle high temperatures well. You can grow her indoors or out without much fuss, where she will reward you with yields of up to 700g/m² in optimal conditions.

Her flowering time is 8–10 weeks.
Blue Forest Berry will absolutely delight those who love their smokes sweet and tasty. She mixes sweet flavours with mouth-watering fruity tones and adds a little Haze flavour on top of it for a rich, very satisfying and delicious smoke.

She contains plenty of THC to make her smoke not just a feast for your taste buds. Given that she is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa), her effect is mainly cerebral, wonderfully uplifting and euphoric, but thanks to her indica side also relaxing. She can be an ideal smoke for all kinds of occasions. Have this fabulous lady lift your mood and have her get rid of stress in no time and enjoy her if you want to chill casually at the end of a long day.


  • Genetika: 60% Sativa – 40% Indika
  • Donos znotraj: 500g-700g/m2
  • Odpornost na plesen: Visoka
  • Čas cvetenja znotraj: 8-10 Tednov
  • THC: 17%-19%
  • CBD: Zelo visok
  • Donos zunaj: 600g na bilko
  • Višina biljke: Povprečna
  • Čas žetve zunaj: Najkasneje do začetka Oktrobra
  • Okus: Zelo sladek in svež
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Čas Cvetenja znotraj

8-10 Tednov



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Zelo sladek in svež

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