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The new Calamity Jane is a great high-yield automatic, the result of crossing the best Magnum and a hybrid of the Brothers Grimm Seeds genetics, the American bank that created great legends from the 90s until 2000. Its origins give it a distinction and exoticism that will make this autoflowering a unique plant of its kind.
In Calamity Jane the Sativa predominates. The Haze influence of the Magnum joins the inheritance developed in the work of the Frimm Brothers, to obtain plants of accelerated growth that reach large dimensions, and a very branched structure.
It can be grown in any season, but the best results are they are obtained by germinating on the longest and sunniest days of the year, which correspond to the months of spring and early summer. Flowering is spectacular, the flowers grow day by day and are covered in an abundant layer of resin. A total of 75 days are enough to harvest from 100 to 250 grams per plant.
It is perfect for outdoors, in crops where discretion is a priority, such as on terraces, balconies or small gardens and courtyards. In gardens, guerrilla crops or indoors, she is perfect for SOG crops. By filling the cabinet with 5-7 liter pots, and with a constant photoperiod of 18/6 or 20/4, crops of between 550 and 600 grams per m2 are obtained and only 2 and a half months after germination.
Its aroma is very intense and penetrating. In fact, indoors it is highly recommended to use carbon filters or other anti-odour systems if there are neighbors close to the room where you grow. The flavor is sweet with strong citrus notes, the lemon and a Skunk/Haze base stand out slightly. Due to the amount of resin it is a very appropriate variety for extractions.
Thanks to the high concentration of THC, around 20%, the effects are powerful and long lasting, with a euphoric start that lasts for a long time. and a slow descent that makes it perfect for enjoying its positivity at any time.

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