Forbidden Runtz Double XL Autoflower

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Forbidden Runtz Double XL Autoflower

A cross between Forbidden Fruit and Runtz , Forbidden Runtz by growerschoice is an ultra high terpene strain.
The flavours where the most important thing while selecting and crossing these genetics.
With THC contents of up to 28% this strain hits harder than most other ones.
The indica is dominant in this strain wich gives it a heavy punch.
To be this fruity an full of flavour with a hard knock out is an exceptional trade in the cannabis world.
The growth is average so it will not stretch too much.
Blooming period is pretty short compared to other genetics.
This one can harvest in only 8 weeks.
Growing it is easy because it can take high and low temperatures, responds well to low and high nutrients and is mold resistant.
Easy to grow for beginners and maximum results for expert growers.

  • Genetika: 30% Sativa – 70% Indika
  • Odpornost na plesen: Visoka
  • Od semena do žetve: 11-12 Tednov
  • THC: 25%-30%
  • CBD: Srednji
  • Donos na bilko: 100g-200g na biljko
  • Višina bilke: 110-180cm
  • Okus: Very sweet and fruity, strong smoke
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Odpornost na plesen


Od semena do žetve

11-12 Tednov



Donos (yield) g/bilka

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Very sweet and fruity, strong smoke

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