San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminized

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San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminized

SFV Purps is 2 legends combined into one plant.
We have had the purps since the beginning seeing we were part of the creation of this strain.
It has been out of sight for some time now, but we think it’s still one of the most exclusive
flavors in the world.
Together with the heavy sweet San Fernando valley it makes a super tasty strain that you won’t forget any time soon.
With growing this strain you can have 3 colors in it.
The light purple one, the light pink one and the white one.
There is a large part of sativa in here but the plant grows like a hybrid indica
And has an indica effect when you smoke it.
All of them are different in flavor and all of them are mouth watering good.
Be sure to get this one into your collection soon.

  • Genetika: 35% Sativa – 65% Indika
  • Donos znotraj: 600g-700g/m2
  • Odpornost na plesen: Visoka
  • Čas cvetenja znotraj: 8-9 Tednov
  • THC: 22%-26%
  • CBD: Neznan
  • Donos zunaj: 650g na biljko
  • Višina biljke: Visoka
  • Čas žetve zunaj: Najkasneje do konca Septembra
  • Okus: Eden od najbolj edinstvenih okusov na svetu
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Tip semen

Genetika - izvor

Donos (yield) g/m2


Odpornost na plesen


Čas cvetenja znotraj

8-9 Tednov



Donos (yield) g/bilka

Čas žetve


Eden od najbolj edinstvenih okusov na svetu

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