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MANDARINE PUNCH AUTO [Maple Leaf Indica x White Widow x NYC Diesel x Hindu Kush]

This species boasts impressive origins, such as the NYC Diesel, Hindu Kush, White Widow and Maple Leaf Indica award winners. It is 60% indica and this explains the relaxed and relaxed effect, even if the sativa influence of 20% is evident in the euphoric sensation. 20% of Ruderalis makes Mandarine Punch an automatic variety and therefore able to thrive in most climates. The plants are compact enough to be grown without being noticed, and produce a citrus and tropical aroma.

The Punch dynasty is one of the new cannabis trends from the United States, which offers fruity flavors to other species. Mandarine Punch is a new addition to the line, which highlights sweetly citrus aromas in its composition.

This species is indica dominant, and consequently the plants are compact. This means that they are easier to grow without being noticed.
The aroma and taste are both fruity, tropical and citrus.
Expect an effect that is deeply relaxing for the body, while creating a sense of happiness and creativity.
Its genetic make-up includes the award-winning varieties Maple Leaf Indica, NYC Diesel, White Widow and Hindu Kush with an impressive reputation.
As an automatic species it can be grown in most climates, even in those with cooler temperatures.
The species is also feminized, which means it is easier to grow, as growers will not have to identify and eliminate male plants.

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