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Purple Skunk Autoflowering with a genetic origin of 75% indica and 25% sativa, it boasts exceptional origins: Hindu Kush Auto, Shiva Skunk and Skunk # 1. As the name suggests, buds often take on a stunning purple color under the right environmental conditions. The specimens remain compact during growth and are therefore ideal for a discreet cultivation. The very high yield and the relaxing effect will not fail to surprise both growers and consumers.


Purple Skunk Autoflowering has a certain degree of phenotypic variation and is therefore absolutely suitable for theadventurous growers who prefer the variability of the cultivated specimens. Another noteworthy aspect is that it is an autoflowering variant and, as such, it is easy to grow even for the less experienced, thanks to the predictable flowering time and the absence of male specimens. In particular, the plants take an average time of about eight weeks (indoors).
As with many indica-dominant strains, Purple Skunk Autoflowering is small in size. The plants develop thick central buds, usually conical or pyramidal in shape and with rounded ends. In addition, despite being small in size, they are able to produce stratospheric returns, both outside and inside.
The buds are heavy, thick and distinguished by a characteristic purple color, which is particularly pronounced if the plant is grown at low temperatures, as Purple Skunk Autoflowering very well tolerates colder climates, but can also be grown satisfactorily indoors under artificial light.

Effect, taste and smell

Like many indica-dominant strains, Purple Skunk Autoflowering is a classic indica, both in appearance and in the physical effect it produces. Many have noticed the intensely relaxing effect, which leaves the consumer pleasantly lying on the sofa, without being devastated by it.
The plant also has a distinctive indica scent: pungent, earthy and moist, with a sweet note of exotic sandalwood. It is good to inform growers that this aroma intensifies as the harvest time approaches.
As for taste, you will notice, more or less, the same characteristics: a remarkably earthy, sweet and pungent flavor. Sometimes spicy notes will also be perceptible.

Sativa / indica Indica
Flowering times Average flowering period
Height Average height
Yield XXL Yield
Cool / Cold Climate

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