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B-45, an Indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the crossing: (Florida OG x Pre’98 Bubba Kush) x Orange Punch # 66.
This strain features a record THC content of over 30%.

“If you want to visit Jamaica just try my weed.” – Booba

B-45 By BOOBA is an Indica-dominant feminized collectable cannabis seed. It is the result of the exclusive collaboration between two pioneers who have each marked the history of their respective industries for more than two decades. On one hand, we have the legendary French rapper BOOBA, AKA the “Duc de Boulogne” and on the other, Silent-Seeds, direct descendant of the famous brand with a feminized dynamic. The fusion of skills and complementary requirements of these two “underground” universes gives rise to an iconic creation that will mark the history of the cannabis sector in a certain and long-lasting way.

“From our first meeting, Booba knew exactly what he wanted. We soon concluded that the cannabis plant has no secrets for him. We want to thank the artist and his entire team for the trust and time they have put in us. This new strain is the result of months of testing and research. The B-45 will be presented in the various events of the Cannabis Cup 2023 “. – Alexandre Lacarré, co-founder of Silent Seeds

(Florida OG x Pre’98 Bubba Kush) x Orange Punch # 66
Indica dominance
Indoor and Outdoor
Taste: Sweet and Fruity
Outdoor Production 1400-1600 g / m²
Indoor Production 575-600 g / m²
Indoor Flowering 58-65 days
Outdoor Harvest Mid-late October
THC 30-32%

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