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Critical + 2.0 Auto is an Indica-dominant premium feminized automatic cannabis seed with a very high level of performance for its class. This autoflowering hybrid has very complete general characteristics: the superlative quality of the flowers and record productivity form the basis on which the excellent reputation it boasts is based. The enthusiasm that many growers still feel for her today is the clearest proof of this. Simply, the autoflowering version of the prestigious Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0 Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain that has become over time a real point of reference in the category, as it faithfully reproduces all the characteristic traits of Critical + 2.0. Which is ultimately quite logical because, as its genetics indicate, it derives from the union between Critical + Auto and Critical + (Bx S1). The great stability of this cannabis plant can be identified in its origins directly linked to the “Skunk” strain, thanks to which we can observe an excellent degree of physiognomic homogeneity in the population. In fact, both the fabulous organoleptic qualities and the productive capacity of this extraordinary strain are manifested on almost all the specimens analyzed.

Critical + 2.0 Auto cannabis seeds are a safe bet in this regard, as they will provide a superb and bountiful yield of large, compact flowers (up to 500g / m2 indoors and up to 300g / plant outdoors. ), literally covered with resin. Great news for both the passionate home grower and the licensed grower.

Critical + 2.0 Auto is a cannabis plant that will conquer your sense of smell thanks to its very intense and recognizable aromatic profile, releasing an exaggerated “Skunk” scent accompanied by well-marked and persistent fresh lemon notes in the mouth. Trying it means adopting it

Critical + 2.0 Auto is a cultivar that literally follows in the footsteps of its parent line, delivering purely Indica, deeply relaxing, discreetly potent and long-lasting sensations. Critical + 2.0 Auto is an ideal strain to unwind after a hard day’s work or when you’re feeling stressed. An Indica autoflowering cannabis plant of incomparable quality

Critical + 2.0 Auto has become very popular over time also because it is very easy to grow. It only needs a large enough pot from start to finish (between 14 and 20 liters of capacity), a well-ventilated substrate (add 30% coir to your soil mix), frequent watering, but in small quantity and moderate fertilization, as is the case with most autoflowering cannabis strains.

Autoflowering Feminized
Indica Dominance 75% Indica – 25% Sativa
Cross:Critical + Auto x Critical +
Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering 70-80 days
Indoor production 500g / m²
Outdoor harvest Early April-Late October
Outdoor yield 100-300 g / plant
Outdoor height 0,6-1,3 m
THC 15-20%
CBD 0,01-0,2%

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