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Critical + 2.0 is an indica-dominant premium feminized cannabis seed that represents the evolved version of an unmistakable cannabis icon, the famous Critical. This new version brings a better aroma, an always abundant production, but also and above all a better resistance to parasites, humidity and cold.

Critical + 2.0 is a vigorous cannabis plant, with leaves quite similar to those of many Sativa-dominant strains, although it is an Indica-dominant hybrid. By cultivating Critical + 2.0 we observe a good stability of the population, as the plants develop with homogeneity. This is due to the origins of this cannabis variety, clearly ‘Skunk’.
The concrete and certified added value of Critical + 2.0 is manifested in particular through its ragrance, even more intense and complex than before, in its very high production capacity, in its flowering speed, but also and above all in its level of resistance to insects and molds, significantly improved and therefore higher than that of its predecessor C +.

Critical + 2.0 still retains the extraordinary production potential that made its legendary success of the first version (C +). Critical + 2.0 has clearly been the industry benchmark for several years now and we are proud to be the only cannabis seed bank on the market that can still guarantee you the original version. Critical + 2.0 is a cannabis plant that meets the highest expectations any grower can dream of: yields up to 700g / m2 indoors and up to 1300g / plant outdoors
Critical + 2.0 offers you intense, deep, complex and subtle aromatic and taste sensations from this point of view. Its presence in a cannabis garden is quite easy to perceive, as its delicious fresh and sweet scent that mixes rich notes of pine, lemon and spices is simply unique.

Critical + 2.0 is also known for its powerful, relaxing and long-lasting effect. Critical + 2.0 is a cannabis strain that produces mostly physical sensations, promoting optimal relaxation of all your muscles, body and mind.

Critical + 2.0 demonstrates strong vigor during her growth, like her predecessor Critical +, which is why we recommend limiting her vegetative period to 3 weeks indoors. To optimize the cultivation of Critical + 2.0, it is also advisable to use stakes in the flowering phase, as well as to administer moderate fertilization, as with most hybrids of the “Skunk” variety.
Critical + 2.0 is a cannabis seed that offers optimal results using cultivation methods such as SOG (Sea Of Green), SCROG (Screen Of Green), FIM (Fuck I Missed), Supercropping or Lollypopping.

Indica Dominance 70% Indica – 30% Sativa
Cross: Critical + x Critical +
Recommended Indoor & Outdoor cultivation
Indoor flowering 45-50 days
Indoor production 700 g / m²
Outdoor harvest End of September
Outdoor yield 900-1300 g / plant
Outdoor height 3m
THC 17-22%
CBD <0.01-0.2%

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