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Critical Mango is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis seed, which has many exotic organoleptic qualities, such as very high efficiency, which make it the best choice to offer you a very high efficiency harvest and a superior level of quality.

Critical Mango is a fabulous cannabis plant, whose leaves are quite thin and elongated, also of a nice deep green color, present throughout the plant.
Fairly slender, but its size is quite large, reaching up to 2.5 meters outdoors. It benefits from an open structure, which allows light to enter the structure of the plant, ultimately offering optimal floral development.
The result is an abundant production of voluminous and compact flowers, all seasoned with a thick layer of resin.

Critical Mango will stand out for its high production potential. It gives you the best expectations that most growers can dream of: producing 700g / m2 indoors and between 850 and 1350g / m2 outdoors.

It offers a formidable aromatic and taste experience, demonstrating a broad spectrum of aromas that are perfectly reflected once in the mouth in terms of taste, with intense notes of freshly cut lemon, sweet sweet mango, pine and pine spice. Get ready for an emotional sensory tasting!
It will give you a powerful and relaxing effect that is more physical than mental and long lasting. It is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, ideal for a pleasant moment of recovery as a whole, at the time of your choice. It will surely be your best ally to disconnect after a hard day, bringing you a beautiful positive harmony for both your body and your mind

Gender: Feminized
Genotype: Indica
Cross: Sweet Mango x Critical 2.0
Planting: indoor and outdoor
Indoor flowering time: 45 to 50 days
Indoor yield: 650-700g / m2
Harvest period outdoors: Mid-end of September
Outdoor yield: 850-1350g / plant
External height: 2.2-2.5m
THC: 18-22%
CBD: 0.01-0.1%

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