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THERE. Vanilla Cake Auto is an Indica-dominant feminized automatic cannabis strain, which clearly means a new standard of quality in the current cannabis scene in the Automatic category. Simply because this type of next generation cultivar brings together all the fabulous qualities that make LA Vanilla Cake so successful, but with a faster flowering speed and ultimately offering a great growing option to people who are in parts of the world in a delicate climate.

LA Vanilla Cake Auto is an automatic hybrid that grows like a small miniature Christmas tree, consisting of a central stem and a small set of secondary branches. Its leaves are intermediate in size, like a balanced Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis hybrid. Demonstrates low to medium internodal distance. The floral development is first concentrated on the central column, and then extends to all the secondary ones. Like the feminized version, LA Vanilla Cake Auto is a cannabis seed that displays great vigor and rapid development.

It also deserves praise when it comes to production, as it once again honors its feminized predecessor by demonstrating a high level of production for the category. This is explained very simply thanks to the configuration of its structural habit (vegetative structure) and also and above all to the genetic line it belongs to, already well known in the country of Uncle Sam for its abundant production.

LA Vanilla Cake Auto is faithful to the characteristics of its feminized counterpart, it retains those delicious aromatic and taste properties of the vanilla cream cake, with light fruity, meringue, floral notes with earthy undertones, just like a delicious dessert! Fans of the original version will largely find their account in this autoflowering version, because the imprint of the original legend is very much present in it!
It offers a fairly Indica-like effect, bringing a pleasant and deep moment of relaxation, with a fairly high power level. Again, it is in line with the expectations we might have regarding this automatic hybrid. LA Vanilla Cake Auto is a true premium cannabis experience from A to Z, like a true peaceful harmony in all directions during the tasting, to be discovered absolutely!

Gender: automatic feminized
Genotype: Indica dominance
Cross: LA Vanilla Cake x Wedding Cake Auto
Planting: indoor and outdoor
Full indoor life cycle: 80-90 days
Indoor yield: 500-600g / m2
Outdoor cultivation: from April to the end of October
Outdoor yield: 110-250 g / plant
Outdoor height: 0.8-1.3m
THC: 17-20%
CBD: <2%

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