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THC 27-30% <0.2% CBD

Pink Sunset is a feminized collection cannabis seed, from the fruit of collaboration between Sherbinskis (famous creator of iconic American varieties such as Gelato, Sunset Sherbet and Pink Penies) and Silent Seeds. This first -class partnership, now offers the possibility for cultivators around the world, to discover premium cannabis hybrids in Californian sauce, with very complete qualities and which are now available in the form of best quality cannabis seeds.

Pink Sunset comes from the cross between the prestigious Florida Og and Pink Penties, the beginning of a beautiful story begins. Take advantage of our teams and experience of our teams now, which have each managed to mark the history of cannabis of their respective continents forever

Sex Feminized
Outdoor production 1500-1650 g/plant
Genotype Hybrid
Harvest period End-sep./Mid-Oct.
Crossing Florida Og X Pink Penties
Outdoor 2.4-2.6 m
Environment Inside and outside
THC 27-30%
Indoor flowering duration 58-63 days
CBD < 0.2%
Indoor production 550-625 g/m2
Taste Sweet Creamy Gassy taste

Pink Sunset is a variety of cannabis that develops a plant structure quite similar to many hybrids containing OG Kush genetics, because cannabis seeds Pink Sunset produce vigorous plants during growth. This is the reason why the cultivator will have to correctly master different size methods, defoliation and pinching.

Light penetrates well into all parts of the plant, which ensures excellent quality and density with very many flowers, with a typically rounded shape, thanks to their swollen chalices which are superimposed by layer, just like the thick coat of trichomes of resin which testifies to his noble Californian genetic heritage.The leaflets of the leaves are long and wide, the distance between the nodes is quite important, which is a characteristic feature of the majority of modern exotic hybrids. In order to optimize all the genetic potential of Pink Sunset, we recommend the use of tutors or a nylon support net, which you will have to place during the growth period, in order to firmly support the structure of the plant during the last weeks of flowering.

Cannabis seeds Pink Sunset can offer American dream to all cultivators around the world, because this cultivar is able to produce very abundant flower crops using suitable care during the vegetative period. Pink Sunset will make a real “show” in the middle of many gardens, because the beautiful will reveal a magnificent range of colors during flowering, with pink, reddish tones and even deep purple in the phenotypes encountered.

Pink Sunset cannabis plants illustrate a masterful beauty at the end of their cycle, this is why it risks becoming a real darling of social networks. The interesting aspect for the legal cultivator is that it is very attractive visually for consumers, and that it has complete and unique organoleptic qualities, but not only, because it is above all a viable and reliable culture option that can ensure Good economic health to all competent professionals in the cannabis industry.
The combination of beautiful and good

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