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Starfire OG is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis seed, which is certainly one of the best OG Kush strains we can find on the market today. Strengthened by our long experience, we have selected for you an OG Kush with a very intense aroma of petrol, freshness, “Gassy” as the Americans say, and which is therefore finally marked by the strong presence of pinene.

It has a vegetative structure totally in line with OG: being of a rather thin size, therefore quite large, with a rather wide distance between the nodes and rather large, wide leaves of a nice lush dark green. The entire structure should preferably be supported with stakes during the middle of flowering, in order to support the weight of the flowers on the various branches of the plant. Light enters all parts of Starfire OG well to provide vigorous growth and fantastic homogeneous flower development.

Starfire OG is able to offer a very high yield if the grower understands the key points of growing this strain, which we will highlight in the relevant section. With proper care, this is a plant that can produce gorgeous golf ball shaped flowers with swollen calyxes, a specific trait of this cultivar, while exhibiting extreme density. The whole is covered with a thick carpet of resin trichomes with a typically OG scent, complex and bewitching, to the point that your taste buds will contort in advance!

It releases a very powerful gasoline aroma (what Americans call “Gassy”), which is accompanied by a cool floral breeze with the most beautiful effect, even with fresh lemon notes that give it a refreshing side. It is truly an incredibly qualitative variation of OG Kush, which will satisfy all the discerning amateurs. Since it doesn’t do things by halves, all these superb properties are faithfully reflected in the taste too, it’s simply a real feast for the senses!
Starfire OG, like many other OG Kush hybrids, demonstrates a very high level of potency, ranging between 24 and 28%. It is therefore intended for informed people, who enjoy strong sensations. It’s a great combination of an uplifting high from the start, which then evolves into a feeling of physical relaxation, which can be a very pleasant end to the day.

Gender: Feminized
Genotype: Indica Indica dominance
Cross: The White x Starfire OG
Planting: indoor and outdoor
Indoor flowering time: 55-60 days
Indoor yield: 600-650g / m2
Harvest period outdoors: Mid-end of September
Outdoor yield: 1300-1500 g / plant
External height: 2.5-3 m
THC: 24-28%
CBD: <2%

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