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This THC rich cross was made with a fast blooming phenotype from our Old School Haze and was crossed with a truly delicious Apple Pie. The idea was to reduce the stretch and bloom time of Haze to produce a new Haze which is ready in just 9-10 weeks of bloom. Haze genetics don’t get much faster than this. As well as reducing the bloom time and keeping the height/stretch manageable, the Apple Pie genetics give an appealing sweet candy taste to the buds. The taste is fruity, with a clear apple taste on well cured buds along with a significant sweeter flavour than original Haze.

Golden Apple Haze reaches a medium/tall height. You will enjoy the familiar funky taste of Old School Haze but with added sweetness and hints of lemon as well as a creamy apple pie flavour. It’s beautiful terpene profile which combines with powerful 20%-25% THC levels. The 80% sativa levels ensure generously proportioned and well stacked buds. This is a variety which is grown primarily for the connoisseur taste and quality levels, but yields are well above average. Especially when a longer veg time is provided.

The blooms can have spear-shaped buds with vivid orange pistils and a thick, sticky resin coating. Hash and cannabis concentrate fans should note that the special sweet terpene profile becomes even more delicious in hash or oil. Golden Apple Haze makes it easier than ever to grow your own Haze with a reasonably fast 9-10 week bloom time.

9-10 Weeks flowering period
Sativa 80% Indica 20%
Medium/Tall plants

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