Ultra Violet GMO Feminised

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Ultra Violet GMO Feminised

GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a heavily Indica dominant hybrid strain that was born after a potent Chem dawg x Girl Scout Cookies strain.
Ultra violet GMO is a combination of the populair MK ultra (purple pheno) and the famous GMO.
Containing an 80% indica and 20% sative it packs a good knock out punch
This weed has an average THC level that ranges from 24% to 30%, which makes it a slightly above common THC level on the market.
Inexperienced users should proceed with caution not to get overwhelmed with its sedative effects.
The buds don’t turn purple as you should expect from the name.
However it is possible to give it that violet coating by lowering the night temperature in the last 3 weeks.
Growing like a real indica it is a short and bushy plant with a main cola dominance.
This plant is not suited for topping or LST but is very suited to grow in places with limited height.
The flavours are very close to the original garlic cookies  as the MK ultra is cross between G13 and OG kush it has subtle hints of haze and kush in the background.
Super pungent and heavy smell/ flavour
The only difference is that Ultra violet GMO has a smoother smoke and a subtle sweet fresh hint in the back.

  • Genetika: 20% Sativa – 80% Indika
  • Donos znotraj: 650g-750g/m2
  • Odpornost na plesen: Visoka
  • Čas cvetenja znotraj: 8 Tednov
  • THC: 25%-30%
  • CBD: Srednji
  • Donos zunaj: 800g na biljko
  • Višina biljke Znotraj: 80cm-120cm
  • Višina biljke Zunaj: 150-200cm
  • Čas žetve zunaj: Najkasnjeje do konca Septembra
  • Okus: Heavy diesel cookies
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8 Tednov



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Heavy diesel cookies

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