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With a delicious flavor that comes very close to the original Haze strains, White Label’s Amnesia White Regular will thrill the most discerning sativa fan. The flowering time is relatively long, rewarded with super sticky buds that awaken a sense of adventure.

Amnesia White Regular from White Label marks a further development of the original Haze genetics. It combines the psychedelic tingle of Haze with the resin production, speed and potential yield of an indica. To ensure none of the delicious effects of Haze and its flavor are lost, these regular cannabis seeds contain a very lively Thai strain, as well as an Afghan plant.

Cultivation of the Amnesia White Regular from the White Label

The result is a sativa hybrid (70% sativa, 30% indica) that continues the success story of cannabis Haze. Amnesia White Regular by White Label produces buds that grow spiky and so heavy with resin that they shine like buds. Compared to traditional Haze strains, both flowering time and height have been reduced – while increasing yields!

Inside, the plants reach a height of around 120-160cm and can be harvested after 60-80 days. All this can be further reduced with a short vegetation phase and a Screen of Green (SCROG), in which the tips of the plants are fixed to a mesh net. This cannabis strain is also suitable for the Sea of ??Green (SOG). This cultivation method involves up to 25 plants placed under a light source.

Clones of regular cannabis seeds produce strong and hardy plants, which need to be well ventilated to avoid pests and mold. This, of course, is less of a problem outside in the fresh air. Outdoor cultivation will only be successful in a sunny or Mediterranean climate. In California, White Label’s Amnesia White Regular can reach over 3m in height.

Effect, taste and smell of Amnesia White Regular from White Label

It was clear from the start that White Label’s Amnesia White Regular had to maintain the psychedelic and electrifying effect of Haze. “Amnesia” of course means “memory loss”. With a THC content of up to 20%, it is indeed possible to lose some thread Here’s a little tip: cannabis is easier to measure in a vaporizer. This allows you to develop the fantastic flavor nuances of this strain.

The taste and smell are almost identical to the original Haze strains. Spicy, with hints of citrus and an earthy sweetness.

POZOR! REGULARNA semena niso feminizirana in vsebujejo tudi moška semena!

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