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The line that changed the face of cannabis culture around the world and continues to amaze weed lovers more than a quarter of a century after its release!
Original Skunk hybrids fused traditional Central American lines and the south, Afghanistan and Thailand. Through generations of intensive selection and back-crossing, the best examples of Skunks were stabilized into the first true Indica-Sativa hybrid the classic Indica-dominant Skunk#1.
The potency of this branch of the cannabis family is It is so well known that Skunk is often used as a name for any potent ganja. Breeders regard Skunk#1 as the model of consistent and reliable performance, and her rock-solid genotype has influenced a hundred modern hybrids.
Skunk#1’s ​​energetic performance and heavy yields show the true meaning of hybrid vigor. Growth and flowering are mostly Indica in appearance, with Skunk#1 gaining a little more height compared to a pure Indica when flowering. The extra-dark green leaves in this strain come from its Afghan ancestors and create a great contrast against the growing lime-green buds.
Flowering is very fast and Skunk#1 produces strong branches and stems for give support to collected superiors. The small internodal gaps give rise to an explosion of dense, round clusters of flowers which unite into huge, heavy terminal colas towards the end of the flowering period.
The leaflets emerging from the colas can display myriads of colors towards the end of the flowering period. late flowering, when plants focus energy on bud formation and resin production.
The Sativa heritage is most showy in Skunk#1s beautiful calyxes, long, profuse pistils, and habit of growing buds in all directions when harvest time is reached.
Sativa also has a wonderful influence on the effect and potency of Skunk#1 – a dazzling combination of petrifying and exhilarating high.

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