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Critical Jack is a Sativa-dominant premium feminized cannabis seed synonymous with great productivity, genetic stability, vigor that has fully demonstrated its high quality over the years.
The genetic lineage of this exceptional cannabis strain speaks for itself, as it is the worthy heir to two legendary strains such as Jack Herer and Critical +. Furthermore, it has proven to be particularly resistant, in fact growers from all over the world have obtained excellent results with this strain, moreover in different and adverse climates.

Critical Jack is a cannabis variety that generally produces large plants overall, with an open structure that allows the light to penetrate evenly and at the same time allows for optimal aeration of the whole, especially during the flowering phase.
Its leaves are quite large, with long and fairly thin leaflets. The strong vigor and notorious stability that characterize this strain reflect the noble genetic line to which it belongs (Skunk # 1, Northern Lights and Haze). By growing Critical Jack, you have the opportunity to obtain very productive plants, capable of giving you a generous harvest whose ‘premium’ level of quality is well above many current varieties.

Critical Jack shows off one of its greatest qualities right here, offering the guarantee to both the passionate grower and the legal grower of obtaining very abundant harvests of large, compact and heavy flowers, whose homogeneity and qualitative appearance will surprise even the most demanding! Indoors, grown Critical Jack cannabis seeds, you will get a yield of up to 625g / m2. Outdoors, at least 1200g / plant. Reliability and quality are always Silent Seeds’ priority

Critical Jack subtly blends the contrasting and complementary aromatic trends of Jack Herer and Critical +. This is why we find in it the fine and subtle complexity of the Haze line, with notes of cedar, incense, pine and spices that blend delicately with the fresh intensity of the lemon aroma generously provided by Critical +. An explosive and lasting fusion of flavors

Critical Jack will give you pleasant moments that will fill you with emotions, especially thanks to the Sativa influence of Jack Herer, which provides a powerful and long-lasting energizing effect. You will definitely feel a slightly psychedelic high, typical of the Haze line. Critical Jack is a cannabis seed that produces more mental than physical sensations (60% Sativa)

Critical Jack is a cannabis strain whose indoor vegetative growth period should be limited to a maximum of 3 weeks, as it tends to stretch strongly during the “stretch” (which lasts 10 to 15 days when changing photoperiod to 12 / 12 hours for flowering). It is highly recommended to use methods such as SOG (Sea Of Green) or SCROG (Screen Of Green), in order to optimize indoor production. Outdoors, Critical Jack represents a valid opportunity to obtain substantial harvests in different climatic circumstances, thanks to its resistance to possible attacks by parasites and fungi.

Sativa Dominance 40% Indica – 60% Sativa
Cross:Critical + x Jack Herer
Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering 60 days
Indoor production 625g / m²
Outdoor harvest End of September
Outdoor yield 1200 g / plant
Outdoor height 3m
THC 15-20%
CBD <0.01-0.2%

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