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THERE. Vanilla Cake is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis strain that brings you all the greatest sought-after qualities and has built a reputation for California’s finest cannabis in recent years. It is a premium cannabis hybrid that brings together the distinctive great qualities of two elite clones of inevitable prestige nowadays on the west coast of the United States: Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Cake.

A vigorous, robust, fairly slender and well-proportioned plant that exudes the genetic lineage of a great pedigree. Its leaves also have a slightly peculiar appearance, with a rounded and angular side at the same time, an average distance between the nodes is observed, which allows to greatly optimize the swelling as well as the compactness of the buds on all parts of the plant structure. THERE. Vanilla Cake is a cannabis hybrid that has the particular characteristic of producing at an early stage a high density of resin trichomes with a beautiful purple color and a powerful aroma of rich and sweet cream cake, even on the small leaves that surround the flowers, just enough to awaken your senses!

THERE. Vanilla Cake is a totally exceptional cultivar and which shares very complete qualities on all the fundamental criteria that allow us to obtain a demanding and acute judgment on the subject, its level of production is once again an aspect that distinguishes this mythical cannabis variety. You will surely be surprised by the density of its flowers, which are like real stones, from the lowest branches to the highest tops of the plant, with a very pleasant and intense scent, as well as a quantity of resin glands similar to a layer of sugar. veil, density is so important! The quality level of its “buds” is among the most demanding international cannabis standards, it is clearly impeccable. This is also why it is also a premium choice for large scale legal commercial production, as it combines quality and optimal yield!

THERE. Vanilla Cake, as the name suggests, is an authentic unmistakable cannabis dessert, with a deliciously vanilla scent, sweet, creamy, earthy, floral and simply masterful when tasted. The taste is the perfect reflection of the aromatic qualities mentioned above, it is clearly a remarkable cannabis hybrid, belonging to a new era where complexity is the order of the day. A distortion is perceived in its bouquet going on notes of lemon meringue, vanilla on certain phenotypes, in other words, it shows a terpene profile so broad and rich that it can be qualified with only one adjective: Excellence!
She produces a very potent high, her parents are often referred to as the strongest strains available in legal US dispensaries. Which is far from being a coincidence, because thanks to its THC rate usually between 20 and 25%, the sensations are there!
The effect is a clever mix that’s first cerebral, then physical, with incredible high potency. This is why we recommend that you try this variety rather at the end of the day, or when your most important tasks have already been done. Consumers with some tolerance may also be surprised, consider skydiving before landing!

Gender: Feminized
Genotype: Indica Indica dominance
Cross: Ice Cream Cake x Wedding Cake
Planting: indoor and outdoor
Indoor flowering time: 60 to 65 days
Indoor yield: 550-600g / m2
Harvest period outdoors: mid-Octoberend
Outdoor yield: 1300-1500 g / plant
External height: 3 m
THC: 18-24%
CBD: <2%

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