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Lemon Sorbet is an Indica-dominant premium feminized cannabis seed whose lemon-flavored aroma and flavor intensity is truly exceptional. You will simply feel like you are savoring a delicious lemon candy, with a nice distortion of acidity. Lemony Zest, here and now, for you.

Lemon Sorbet is one of the best cannabis strains out there, so good and intense from all points of view. As part of a legal cultivation, Lemon Sorbet is able to produce plants of medium to large height, with considerable internodal distance and with intermediate-sized leaves, very similar to those of a hybrid. This is a strain whose stability speaks for itself, as it is none other than the worthy heir to Lemon Tree (Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk) and Larry OG, also known as Lemonade OG. In addition to its unique flavor profile, like a delicious refreshing lemonade, it demonstrates good resistance to mold and pests.

Lemon Sorbet offers an excellent level of production (up to 500g / m2 indoors and up to 1300g / plant outdoors), thanks to the numerous branches present on its vegetative structure. Using a suitable pruning or training method such as SOG, SCROG, FIM, Supercropping or Lollypopping, Lemon Sorbet will give you a bountiful harvest of very dense and resinous flowers that will evenly coat the entire plant.

Lemon Sorbet marks the minds of all who approach it, once again thanks to its powerful and penetrating aroma of fresh lemon, mixed with fruity and sweet citrus notes. It all comes together in a wonderful cannabis delicatessen.

Lemon Sorbet produces a powerful yet balanced effect, both physical and mental, first with a feeling of euphoria that energizes the mind, and then evolves into a delicate body relaxation. Lemon Sorbet is highly appreciated for its balanced effect, ideal for spending good times with friends or for cultural, creative activities, etc

Lemon Sorbet is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow and accessible to as many growers as possible. Indoors, it’s best to limit her growing period to a maximum of 3 weeks and use a good activated carbon filter. During cultivation, Lemon Sorbet needs a moderate fertilization rate in order to fully obtain its much sought-after intrinsic aromatic qualities.

Indica Dominance 55% Indica – 45% Sativa
Cross:Lemon Tree x Larry OG
Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering 55-58 days
Indoor production 500g / m²
Outdoor harvest early-mid October
Outdoor yield 1300 g / plant
Outdoor height 3m
THC 18-22%
CBD low

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