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Original Amnesia is a premium Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis seed. It represents the iconic strain that contributed most of all to forging the reputation of Amsterdam coffeeshops in the early 2000s. Today it is a great classic in contemporary cannabis history. We wanted it to be featured in our catalog simply because it is the only fast-flowering photodependent Sativa hybrid on the market capable of bringing together an unrivaled array of qualities.

Original Amnesia is a cannabis strain that represents the dream of every self-respecting Sativa lover, thanks to its fast flowering times and high productivity, normally typical of indica-dominant varieties. The Original Amnesia grows showing a rather limited structural size, with a medium internodal distance and with large, long and enlarged leaves. The original genetic cross is currently kept secret, although some experts claim it comes from the hybridization of a Haze and a Northern Lights. It is easy to grow, offers a very abundant harvest and has excellent resistance to mold and insects.

Original Amnesia is a cannabis strain that proves to be one of the best hybrids on the market as the only Sativa-dominant cannabis seed capable of delivering an amazing level of production in a reasonable time. Indoors, you’ll get compact specimens covered in very heavy resinous buds (up to 600g / m2). Outdoors, Original Amnesia will win you over because it will produce leafy plants totally covered with large, hard and heavy flowers, generously covered with resin trichomes (up to 1200g / plant).

Original Amnesia is a cannabis plant that offers you a unique aromatic and taste experience as a complement, with fresh and delicate notes of citrus, Haze, cedar, incense and spices. Original Amnesia is a cannabis plant that offers a complex yet subtle sensory blend for your greatest pleasure.

Original Amnesia is a cannabis cultivar that fully lives up to its name, as it produces a very powerful, energizing and euphoric Sativa high, like a long-lasting cerebral climax. Subsequently, it evolves into a feeling of bodily relaxation that invites you to a pleasant moment of restorative rest.

Original Amnesia is a cannabis strain that gives real satisfaction to the legal cannabis grower, as it is easy to grow and has a fast flowering time, despite being a strain with truly Sativa characteristics. For best results with Original Amnesia, we recommend that you limit her vegetative growth period to 3 weeks indoors and provide her with a moderate fertilization rate. For the rest, the multiple arguments of this fascinating Sativa will end up seducing you

Sativa Dominance 30% Indica – 70% Sativa
Cross:Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia
Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering 65 days
Indoor production 600 g / m²
Outdoor harvest mid-late October
Outdoor yield 1200 g / plant
Outdoor height 3,5m
THC 15-23%
CBD 0,01-0,2%

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