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In the 1980s, SSSC worked with an indica strain called Williams Wonder. It was an interesting and occasionally bizarre strain for research. Sometimes it showed autoflowering characteristics. This was unusual, auto genetics was far from understood in those days.

The varieties of autoflowering seeds need careful research, there are still many underperforming genetics from the smaller seed companies. However, truly exceptional autoflowering genetics have recently been created. These sometimes came through selectively inbreeding autoflowers with the best genetics for many generations. If done well, this preserves the autoflowering gene as well as the THC-rich characteristics and the taste / aroma of the photoperiod parent genetics.

After studying the breeding of autoflowering we worked on Auto Creeper. In our opinion, this brings a completely new approach to cars. When the SSSC was re-established, we knew that a good variety of autoflowers were needed for modern seed harvesting. But it had to be of higher quality than the typical “medium quality” auto varieties that dominate much of today’s market.

Auto Creeper was created from scratch using the THC-rich genetics of our photoperiod Creeper sativa. We still had the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our archive. This has been used to give autoflowering characteristics to genetics.

It took more than 3 years of effort and a return to the original Creeper until the team was satisfied with the quality. The automatic Creeper is usually about one meter tall with a wide lateral branching. It takes between 12 and 13 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, occasionally a couple of weeks longer for heavier yielding phenotypes. The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and elastic. You may notice some large indica-shaped leaves from the Williams Wonder indica legacy. But the smell and powerful effects are authentic sativa.

Life cycle of 12-13 weeks
Dominant sativa
Large plant

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