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This is our first real “new school” cross. In our search for new funky combinations of terpenes, the SSSC team occasionally fuses their joints with different types of grass and hashish. One of Kees’ personal favorites is an organically grown Karel’s Haze joint with a thick, juicy golden hash-sausage of Cookies & Cream in the middle. This provides a delightful and unique terpene / delight profile and an extraordinarily powerful shot. This is the specific taste that we sought during the breeding of Creamy Kees

By crossing Karel’s Haze with Cookies & Cream, we hit the nail right on the head. When smoked, inhalation has a creamy, pasty feel, similar to vanilla and biscuits. When the smoke is exhaled, one can experience the gaseous taste of Karel’s Haze lime.

This taste is what makes Creamy Kees such an exceptional variety of seeds. It has a layered taste, with 2 ends of the spectrum.

Creamy Kees is a strong, tolerant and robust enough plant to withstand temperature changes. It needs 8-9 weeks to finish its round golf ball sized buds that are very dense and full of huge trichomes.

This variety is excellent for making extracts. Expect full hash bags when making hash from this variety, especially 90/120 micron bags. This variety is highly recommended for making all types of extracts. Be aware of the side effects, this great tasting variety will leave you wanting another joint!

Flowering period of 8-9 weeks
50% Sativa / 50% indica
Medium / large plant

POZOR! REGULARNA semena niso feminizirana in vsebujejo tudi moška semena!

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