The Real Amnesia Autoflower

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The Real Amnesia Autoflower

We finally suceeded in breeding the real dutch amnesia and now in autoflowering.
The real amnesia that is a clone only in holland has never been in an other seedbank like this.
All other amnesia seeds are amnesia crossed with white widdow to stabalize the strain.
Therefore the endproduct of all available amnesia seeds has been a white weed with a little amnesia flavour and smell to it
but never been the real thing like the quality from the clone. Untill now!!!
We have been working for 1,5 year to create seeds from the real dutch clone without crossing any white strains into them.
But finally the result is here, the seeds that give the true amnesia flavour and yield
There is no real amnesia but this real amnesia


  • Genetika: 70% Sativa – 30% Indika
  • Odpornost na plesen: Srednja
  • Od semena do žetve: 11 Tednov
  • THC: 13%-14%
  • CBD: Srednji
  • Donos na bilko: 40g-80g
  • Višina bilke: 70-110cm
  • Okus: Oster in kisel okus limone
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Genetika - izvor

Odpornost na plesen


Od semena do žetve

11 Tednov



Donos (yield) g/bilka

Višina bilke (cm)


Oster in kisel okus limone

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